“Focus on what is right with your children, not what is wrong.”

Let your family shine bright.

Dr. Christine Winter supports families facing challenges of

  • parenting
  • challenging behaviour
  • health conditions
  • blended families
  • complicated family dynamics

Make a wish!

1. You wish to be a positive force in your children’s life.

2. You wish for support navigating challenging family situations and transitions.

3. You wish to find more balance and happiness in your blended family.

4. You wish to be the best parent you can and want to find tools to help you excel in your role.

5. You wish to find happiness and a better overall flow in your family life.

Let me help you to make your wishes come true!


Raising children is full of challenges, but you can become the parent you wish to be, making family life fulfilling and more fun!

Every child, parent, and family relationship is unique and you can find joy regardless of the challenges you face. Let’s find out what’s right with your kids and strengthen it (instead of focusing on what’s wrong).

My coaching can help you to find more happiness and confidence in challenging situations/behaviors. I also assist with special needs children, children with disabilities, and children with chronic health issues.


You can find balance


I am a family coach, a European pediatrician and a mother of three children in a blended family. I am involved with a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on family engagement.

The combination of my professional and personal experiences has given me a valuable perspective and equipped me with knowledge I am eager to share with other families.

I can help you to feel empowered and confident in your parenting decisions. You can find balance, have fun and enjoy the precious moments with your children.